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  1. As discussed in Print all sub arrays, find out all the sub-arrays, and then calculate the sum. Time complexity: O(n^3) Complete Code: Run This Code Output: Sum of elements of sub arrays is: 50. Better Approach: Let's observe the behavior for array = {1,2,3,4} All sub arrays are: [1] , [1 2], [1 2 3], [1 2 3 4], [2], [2 3], [2 3 4] [3], [3 4] [4
  2. Since you need to go through all the elements in the array, this program depends linearly to the number of elements. If you have 10 elements, iterate through 10 elements, if you have a million you have no choice other than to go through all the million elements and add each of them. Thus the time complexity is Θ(n). If you are finding the sum of all the elements and you dont know any thing about the data then you need to look at all the elements at least once. Thus n is the.
  3. g lists, like sum(list(range(i)) for i in range(n))), then that's going to affect the overall time complexity

1: The simplest way to get maximum among elements in array is to Store initial element of array in temporary variable and loop it while comparing with other elements and find max among two elements in each pass, perform new initialisation of this max value to the temporary variable while looping. Time Complexity here : O(n Time complexity: O(n). Since arrays are ordered, when an element is added to the array, the array needs to update the indexes for each element in the array, which will be dependent on the number of elements in the array The worst-case time complexity is linear. Similarly, searching for an element for an element can be expensive, since you may need to scan the entire array. In this Python code example, the linear-time pop(0) call, which deletes the first element of a list, leads to highly inefficient code: Warning: This code has quadratic time complexity

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  1. Sum of given array is 34. Time Complexity: O(n) Auxiliary Space: O(1) Another Method: Using STL Calling inbuilt function for sum of elements of an array in STL. accumulate(first, last, sum); first, last : first and last elements of range whose elements are to be added sum : initial value of the sum. This function returns the array sum
  2. The Array.push () has a Constant Time Complexity and so is O (1). All it does is add an element and give it an index that's 1 greater than the index of the last element in the array. So it doesn.
  3. Complexity Analysis Time Complexity. O(n*n*n) where n is the number of elements present in the array. Here we Ron three for loop and check for every possible triplet. Space Complexity. O(1) because we don't use any auxiliary space here. Reference
  4. A: original array B: Prefix-sum array For the Type 1 query, we will simply return B[R]-B[L-1](Sum of elements from the 0-R^th index - the sum of elements from 0-(L-1)index). The time complexity.
  5. The time and space complexity of Prefix Sum array are as follows: Space complexity: O(n) Worst case time complexities. Build: O(n) Range sum query: O(1) Where n is the length of array. Implementations. Code in C++ 11

You can have a previous array and current array storage of length O(sum) or just traverse the i elements in the opposite order so they aren't overwritten, both work with the same time complexity. dp[i-1][j] won't need to be checked since dp[j] will already be set to true if the previous one was true Complexity Analysis for Find a Triplet That Sum to a Given Value Time Complexity. O(n*n*n) where n is the length of the array. Here we use 3 pointer method to traverse in the array. In the worst case the loop will run N*N*N times. Space Complexity. O(1) because here we don't use any auxiliary space here

Naive approach: Iterate for all values of K from 1 to the maximum element in the array and then sum up the array elements by dividing with K, if the sum does not exceed S then the current value will be the answer. The time complexity of this approach will be O (M * N) where M is the maximum element in the array So, the worst-case time complexity of Binary Search is log2 (n). Example 2: Sorting Algorithm. In this part of the blog, we will learn about the time complexity of the various sorting algorithm. Sorting algorithms are used to sort a given array in ascending or descending order. So, let's start with the Selection Sort. Selection Sor Now to calculate the sum of elements present in the submatrix formed by coordinates (p, q), (p, s), (r, q), and (r, s) in constant time, we can directly apply the relation below: total = sum[r][s] - sum[r][q - 1] - sum[p - 1][s] + sum[p - 1][q - 1

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You are given an array of n integers and a number k. Determine whether there is a pair of elements in the array that sums to exactly k. For example, given the array [1, 3, 7] and k = 8, the answer is yes, but given k = 6 the answer is no. Possible Follow­Up Questions //array[i] represents the ith element in the input array ans = INFINITY sum = 0 for i in 1 to size_of_array: sum = min(array[i], array[i] + sum) ans = min(ans, sum) print(ans) The time complexity of this algorithm is O(N) and it is the best possible time complexity as we need to go through all the array elements at least once. C++ Cod Given an integer array arr of size n, you need to sum the elements of arr. Example 1: Input: n = 3 arr[] = {3 2 1} Output: 6. Example 2: Input: n = 4 arr[] = {1 2 3 4} Output: 10. Your Task: You need to complete the function sumElement() that takes arr and n and returns the sum. The printing is done by the driver code. Expected Time Complexity: O(n) Linear time complexity O(n) means that the algorithms take proportionally longer to complete as the input grows. Examples of linear time algorithms: Get the max/min value in an array. Find a given element in a collection. Print all the values in a list. Let's implement the first example. The largest item on an unsorted array Time Complexity for Data Scientists. Pepe Berba. Nov 3, 2019 · 27 min read. Big data is hard, and the challenges of big data manifest in both inference and computation. As we move towards more fine-grain and personalized inferences, we are faced with the general challenge of producing timely, trustable, and transparent inference and decision.

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  1. istic algorithm.
  2. ate. 12 September 2019 CSE, BMSCE 2
  3. The subset sum problem (SSP) is a decision problem in computer science.In its most general formulation, there is a multiset of integers and a target-sum , and the question is to decide whether any subset of the integers sum to precisely . The problem is known to be NP-complete.Moreover, some restricted variants of it are NP-complete too, for example
  4. Finding sum of array elements is easy when you know how to iterate through array elements. In this post I will explain two approaches to find sum of array elements. First let us begin with the easiest approach. Input size and elements in array, store in some variable say n and arr[n]. To store sum of array elements, initialize a variable sum = 0

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In general, recursion can always be replaced by an iterative solution + a queue. recursive solutions are sometimes easier to write, but I can't think of a case where the optimal recursive solution for a problem has a different time complexity than.. In the best-case scenario, the element could be present in the first position itself, thus effectively reducing the time complexity to O(1) as seen above. On the other hand, if the element is present at the end of the array or not at all, the loop has to iterate over all the elements in the array. Hence, the time complexity increases to O(n)

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Amount of work the CPU has to do (time complexity) as the input size grows (towards infinity). Big O = Big Order function. Drop constants and lower order terms. E.g. O(3*n^2 + 10n + 10) becomes O(n^2). Big O notation cares about the worst-case scenario. E.g., when you want to sort and elements in the array are in reverse order for some sorting. When the array(a) has 2 elements we have an output of 4 elements, this is 2², when there are 3 at input we have 8 at the output, 2³. The output is growing exponentially. How to calculate time. Sept. 4, 2018 I like to share a C# solution, and also use the idea to build a two sum hashmap using visited elements only. Sort the array first, and then brute force the third and fourth element, and look up the first two element hashmap to find a quadruplet, the hashmap is built on the visited elements in the array to avoid extra checking and reduce the time complexity Then, sum up the elements of the second array. Finally, perform the substraction. for the problem of: finding the number that is different between two arrays (I'm assuming a fixed size structure, if it matters) of unsorted numbers (paraphrased by me) that it isn't as black and white as just coming to the conclusion as $2n$ (1 pass for each.

This solution takes O(N 2) time for an N × N matrix, but we can do constant-time lookups any number of times once the matrix is preprocessed. In other words, if M lookup calls are made to the matrix, then the naive solution takes O(M × N 2) time, while the above solution takes only O(M + N 2) time.. Exercise: 1. Given an M × N matrix, find the sum of all K × K submatri Time Complexity: O(N 2) Auxiliary Space: O(N) Check if each element of an Array is the Sum of any two elements of another Array. 06, Aug 20. Rearrange an array to maximize sum of Bitwise AND of same-indexed elements with another array. 02, Jun 21

Difficulty Level : MediumAsked in : Google, Facebook, Amazon Understanding the problem. Problem Description: Given an array of n integers and given a number K, determines whether there is a pair of elements in the array that sums to exactly K. For example : Input : A[] = [-5, 1, -40, 20, 6, 8, 7 ], K=15 . Output: true ( 7, 8 and -5, 20 are the pairs with sum 15 The time complexity of the above solution is O(n.log(n)) and doesn't require any extra space.. 3. Using Hashing. We can use a hash table to solve this problem in linear time. The idea is to insert each array element arr[i] into a map. We also check if difference (arr[i], sum - arr[i]) already exists in the map or not. If the difference is seen before, print the pair and return Time Complexity : O(n 2) Auxiliary Space : O(1) A Better Solution of this problem is that using sorting technique we firstly sort all elements of array in ascending order and and find one by one distinct elements in array The time complexity therefore becomes. W ( n ) = 1 + 2 + + ( n - 1) = n ( n - 1)/2 = n2 /2 - n /2. The quadratic term dominates for large n , and we therefore say that this algorithm has quadratic time complexity. This means that the algorithm scales poorly and can be used only for small input : to reverse the elements of an array with.

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Time complexity describes how the runtime of an algorithm changes depending on the amount of input data. The most common complexity classes are (in ascending order of complexity): O (1), O (log n), O (n), O (n log n), O (n²). Algorithms with constant, logarithmic, linear, and quasilinear time usually lead to an end in a reasonable time for. Given this pseudo-code that finds the number of distinct elements in the given array: D(A) // A is an array of numbers U_Size = 1 For i=2 to length(A) U=? For j=1 to U_Size. The time complexity of Counting Sort is easy to determine due to the very simple algorithm. Let n be the number of elements to sort and k the size of the number range. The algorithm contains one or more loops that iterate to n and one loop that iterates to k. Constant factors are irrelevant for the time complexity; therefore: The time. For example, given array: A[0] = 1 A[1] = 5 A[2] = 2 A[3] = -2 your function should return 0, since for S = [−1, 1, −1, 1], val(A, S) = 0, which is the minimum possible value. Assume that: expected worst-case time complexity is O(N*max(abs(A))2); expected worst-case space complexity is O(N+sum(abs(A))) (not counting the storage required for.

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For each of these two sets, it calculates sums of all 2 N/2 possible subsets of its elements and stores them in an array of length 2 N/2. It then sorts each of these two arrays, which can be done in time O(2 N/2 N). When arrays are sorted, the algorithm can check if an element of the first array and an element of the second array sum up to s in. Time complexity : O(NLogN) Solution 3: Using Hashing. Put array element in HashMap with element as key and its index as value. Iterate over array arr[] Check for arr[i], if X-arr[i] is present in HashMap. If yes, we have found the pair and print it Sum of Unique Elements - Array - Easy - LeetCode. You are given an integer array nums. The unique elements of an array are the elements that appear exactly once in the array. Return the sum of all the unique elements of nums. Example 1: Input: nums = [1,2,3,2] Output: 4 Explanation: The unique elements are [1,3], and the sum is 4. Example 2 Method 2 - Time complexity O(nlogn) : Algorithm to Find Pair of Elements in an Array whose Sum is Equal to a given number. 1. Take two indexes and initialize with the first and last index of an array. So that we can start from both the ends

If no elements in the set then we can't make any subset except for 0. If sum needed is 0 then by returning the empty subset we can make the subset with sum 0. Given - Set = arrA [], Size = n, sum = S. Now for every element in he set we have 2 options, either we include it or exclude it. for any i th element- If the sum of the values in left and right pointers equals to k, we output the pair. If the sum is less than k then we advance the left pointer, else if the sum is greater than k we decrement the right pointer, until both pointers meet at some part of the array. The complexity of this solution is O(NlogN) due to sorting. Here is the Python code Solution to the coding problem of sorting an array of 0's, 1's and 2's in linear time complexity. Problem statement: Given an array consisting only 0's, 1's and 2's. Give an algorithm for sorting the array in O(n) time complexity ( in the sorted array, 0's will be at starting ,then the 1's & then the 2's). Solution: Algorith Time Complexity: O(N * 2 N) Auxiliary Space: O(N) Efficient Approach: The idea is to traverse the array and calculate the sum of positive elements of the array and print the sum obtained. Follow the steps below to solve the problem: Check if the largest element of the array is greater than 0 or not WriteLine ( Sum is : + sum);}} Output: Sum is : 33 Press any key to continue . . . Explanation: In the above program, we created LinqDemo class that contains the Main() method. In the Main() method we created an array of integers and then calculate the sum of all array elements using the Aggregate() method and then print the sum on the.

Ways to sum to N using array elements with repetition allowed Given a set of m distinct positive integers and a value 'N'. The problem is to count the total number of ways we can form 'N' by doing sum of the array elements Two-Sum Challenge in JavaScript. Apr 29, 2018 • Rohan Paul. Solving the Two-Sum Problem with JavaScript. A quite popular challenge specially for Developer Interviews is what I stumbled upon in a Leetcode Problem.This is a variation of the classic subset sum problem in computer science.. Problems Statement - Given an array of integers, return indices of the two numbers such that they add up. You could sort the array and then do a linear scan O(n) where you compare all consecutive elements to find the missing number. However, the time complexity of this algorithm is O(n log n) due to the time spent in sorting. You can do better. Here is a linear, O(n), solution that uses the arithmetic series sum formula Find Sum of Array Elements using Recursion - Java Code. Now, we know how to calculate sum of array using iterative approach. Let's calculate the sum using recursive approach. To solve this problem recursively, I have created one method calculateSum(). It takes two argument one is array and the second is the length of an array

Hello happy people ! Today we are going to discuss the very first problem on the LeetCode. 0001 - Two Sum.. Problem Statement. Given an array of integers nums and an integer target, return indices of the two numbers such that they add up to target.. You may assume that each input would have exactly one solution, and you may not use the same element twice Program to find the sum of all odd frequency elements in an array is discussed here. An array of integers is given as input and the sum of elements having odd frequency is found and produced as output. This means elements which repeat an odd number of times in the given array will be identified and the sum of these will be the expected output max array sum solution. You would be the first to leave a comment. The above is a special case of the general Max Subarray problem in computer science — which is the task of finding the contiguous subarray within a one-dimensional array of numbers which has the largest sum. Please use ide.geeksforgeeks.org, The sub-array should be continuous It will be easier to understand after learning O(n^2), quadratic time complexity. Before getting into O(n^2), let's begin with a review of O(1) and O(n), constant and linear time complexities. O(1) vs. O(n): Constant and Linear Time Complexities. The following function finds the sum of an array of numbers

Method 1: This is a simple method that takes O(n 3) time to arrive at the result. Approach: The naive approach runs three loops and check one by one that sum of three elements is zero or not. If the sum of three elements is zero then print elements otherwise print not found. Algorithm: Run three nested loops with loop counter i, j, k; The first loops will run from 0 to n-3 and second loop from. Complexity: how do the resource requirements of a program or algorithm scale, i.e., what happens as the size of the problem being solved gets larger. Complexity affects performance but not the other way around. The time required by a method is proportional to the number of basic operations that it performs Repeat until the pair with given sum k is found, If found return true else return false. Time and Space complexity. As worst case for searching in HashMap is O(N), Time Complexity = O(N). We are storing each value of array in HashMap, Space Complexity = O(N)

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Let's look at a Python program which adds two array elements together to produce a sum which it stores in another variable: We call this function, i.e. what we put within Θ( here ), the time complexity or just complexity of our algorithm. So an algorithm with Θ( n ) is of complexity n Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x. Write a C program that, given an array A[] of n numbers and another number x, determines whether or not there exist two elements in S whose sum is exactly x. METHOD 1 (Use Sorting) Algorithm: hasArrayTwoCandidates (A[], ar_size, sum) 1) Sort the array in non-decreasing order. 2) Initialize two index variables to find the. Calculate the sum of all the elements of an array - the fastest time, complexity minimum space (own sense of ha ha ha) Others 2020-02-18 00:49:23 views: null

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Time Complexity: O(N * log N) where N is the length of nums, for Running Sum of 1d Array 114 Solution: Non-decreasing Array 115 Solution: Jump Game II 116 Solution: Convert Sorted List to Binary Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements II 130 Solution: Binary Tree Level Order Traversal 131 Solution: Find and Replace Pattern 132. Algorithm and complexity Implement a function that can sum k smallest elements in an array (size of n) The time complexity should less than O(nlogn), consider k << n. Demonstrate the time complexity of the approach as a function of n and k. Briefly explain the idea of algorithm, no need to implement it. And demonstrate the time complexity The example I was looking at was an array that was sorted using insertion sort. The example came from this tutorial at time code 16:22. From what I could gather, an + b in this context relates to summing up all the times (c) each line in the array. He does this to get the minimum time This page documents the time-complexity (aka Big O or Big Oh) of various operations in current CPython. Other Python implementations (or older or still-under development versions of CPython) may have slightly different performance characteristics. However, it is generally safe to assume that they are not slower by more than a factor of O.

Exponential time algorithms. There are several ways to solve subset sum in time exponential in n.. Inclusion-Exclusion. The most naïve algorithm would be to cycle through all subsets of n numbers and, for every one of them, check if the subset sums to the right number. The running time is of order (). , since there are . subsets and, to check each subset, we need to sum at most n elements An integrated optimization of sum and difference beam for time-modulated linear antenna array is studied in this paper. The goal of sum and difference beam synthesis is to generate sum beam in the main band and difference beams in the first-order sideband with low side-lobe level through timing switches. The turn-on times of antenna array are achieved by solving a quadratic constraint linear. Further I increase base size, then I loose number of elements in array, while to be able calculate unique combination. Either way, I can not have more than 32 (int), or 64(long) elements, even if I just use binary. My another thought is, if I use some key (like random seed), to generate hashing, like MD5, or relevant for example

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Interview question for Data Scientist.time complexity for sorting algorithms, write an algorithm with optimal time complexity to find if the sum of two elements in array is equal to the input How to deal with overfitting ? Time Complexity: O(n.lg(n)) - Time taken to sort the array Extra Space: O(1) - May change if the sorting algorithm is taking auxiliary space. Using Hashing: This is most applicable when range of numbers in the array is small and known. Else the hash-table implementation will be complicated and the gain in the execution time is probably not. According to the well known Gaussian sum formula these are exactly 1/2·(n-1) The better the time complexity of an algorithm is, make predictions how long the sorting of an array with 100,000 (Saarbrücken) elements, 1,000,000 elements (Munich),. Therefore, the time complexity of the Quicksort algorithm in worst case is . Alternatively, we can create a recurrence relation for computing it. In the worst case, after the first partition, one array will have element and the other one will have elements. Let's say denotes the time complexity to sort elements in the worst case Efficient Approach: We can solve this problem in linear time i.e. in O(n) as the worst time complexity.. We can maintain two pointers, start and end pointers which basically represents a subarray and also we have to take a variable which stores the current sum of the subarray starting from start pointer and ending at end pointer. we keep on incrementing end pointer while adding the element in.

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Answer to Task 3 This algorithm finds the maximum sum of three different elements from the array. What is its running time and a c.. View PairSum_is_X.py from COMPUTER S CS F222 at Graphic Era University. # Find a pair of elements in the array with sum = x Method 1: If unsorted array Time Complexity: O(n) Space Complexity Maximum sum subset of array with no adjacent elements in subset. Let's understand this problem. A non-negative integer array is given as input. We need to find maximum sum which can be possible by adding non-adjacent element of the given array. In hindsight, this may look a bit complex problem to solve Returns the sum of all the elements in the valarray, as if calculated by applying operator+= to a copy of one element and all the other elements, in an unspecified order. If the valarray has a size of zero, it causes undefined behavior. T shall support the calls to operator+=. Parameters none Return value The sum of all the elements in the valarray. T is the template argument of valarray (the. Enter size of the array:6 Enter elements:-1 5 10 6 -7 8 Enter number of elements to be excluded: 2 Enter elements to be excluded: 2 10 Maximum contiguous sub-array sum is 8 Space and Time Complexity. Time Complexity: O(n log(m) + m log (m)) [m log(m) because of sorting] Space Complexity: O(1) 3) Using a Map (Most Efficient

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I have written some important Algorithms and Data Structures in an efficient way in Java with proper references to time and space complexity. These Pre-cooked and well-tested codes help to implement larger hackathon problems in lesser time. DFS, BFS, LCA, All Pair Shortest Path, Longest Common Subsequence, Binary Search, Lower Bound Search, Maximal Matching, Matrix Exponentiation, Segment Tree. Hi fellow programmers, We are trying to create a multiple choice quiz for space and time complexity of the programs related questions. Here are a set of 20 questions we collected. Please feel free to give your answers to these questions. Any feedback about the set of questions. Please also feel propose to any more set of MCQs that you would like to add here, there might be some interesting. 3 sum_a = sum(A) 4 sum_b = sum(B) 5 for i in xrange(n): 6 for j in xrange(n): 7 change = B[j] - A[i] 8 sum_a += change 9 sum_b -= change 10 if sum_a == sum_b: 11 return True 12 sum_a -= change 13 sum_b += change 14 return False Solution O(n + m): The best approach is to count the elements of array A and calculate the difference d between the.

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To iterate through the matrix, it requires two loops therefore if we assume the given matrix is a square matrix then the time complexity for the above program will be O(N 2). Sum of Diagonal Elements of a Matrix in C using Function by taking input value. In the previous program, matrix elements were initialized within the program itself Sherlock and Array hackerrank problem can be solved easily by deriving a linear equation. The complexity of Sherlock and Array hackerrank solution is O(n) If interested to know more about the generic algorithm in details-click here for the video explanation of generic algorithm with complexity analysis

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But what when array is almost sorted (only few elements are out of order), your algorithm will have to use MergeSort and it will again give the Time complexity of O(nlogn). Cite 1 Recommendatio C program to find sum of array elements using recursion. Below program, contains a user defined function getSum(int *inputArray, int lastIndex), which takes a pointer to an integer array and lastIndex as input and returns the sum of all elements of inputArray from index 0 to lastIndex In monopulse radar antennas, the synthesizing process of the sum and difference patterns must be fast enough to achieve good tracking of the targets. At the same time, the feed networks of such antennas must be as simple as possible for efficient implementation. To achieve these two goals, an iterative fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm is used to synthesize sum and difference patterns. Method 3 (Mark visited array elements as negative) This method is O(n) time complexity and O(1) extra space, but it changes the original array and it works only if all numbers are positive. We can get the original array by adding an extra step though Please Enter Number of elements in an array : 7 Please Enter 7 elements of an Array : 10 20 33 55 77 88 99 The Sum of All Elements in this Array = 382 Program to find Sum of Elements in an Array using Methods. This Java program is the same as the first example. Here, we separated the logic to find the sum of array elements using Method

Range Sum Query - Mutable - LeetCode

Logic to find sum of array elements. Finding sum of array elements is easy when you know how to iterate through array elements. In this post I will explain two approaches to find sum of array elements. First let us begin with the easiest approach. Input size and elements in array, store in some variable say n and arr[n]. To store sum of array. C++ program to Find Sum of an Array all Elements - Sum of all Array elements means add all Elements. Suppose you have 4 elements 10,20,30,40 then sum is 100 Given array of n integers and given a number X, find all the unique pairs of elements (a,b), whose summation is equal to X. Algorithm: (1) Sort the array in ascending order. Use quick sort O(n logn), we mentioned in our previous post. (2) Initialize two index variables to find the candidate elements in the sorted array C Program to Read integers into an array and Reversing them using Pointers C program to reads customer number and power consumed and prints amount to be paid C program to read the values of x, y and z and print the results expressions in one line Find the sum of all other elements in an array. Note: The I/O will be comma separated string. Split string based on commas for output. Marge strings using comma for output. Do not use spaces before and after the comma Constraint. Time complexity=O(n) Explanation: Input=1,2,6,5,9 Output: 2+6+5+9, 1+6+5+9, 1+2+5+9, 1+2+6+9, 1+2+6+5 = 22, 21, 17. Interview question for Member Of Technical Staff in Pune.Given an array of numbers, find the maximum sum that can be obtained from the array such that no two adjacent elements are added in order to maximize the sum, optimize the solution to have linear time complexity and constant space. Input: array=[1, 2, 3] Output:

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